Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Let's face it, Winter time is a luxurious fat ass of a time span. I am not out walking the bridges, or really doing much of anything. However, my mid thirties clearly does not agree with that lifestyle choice...and it is obvious by the way my ass is trying to jiggle itself away from the rest of my body. Tonight I happened upon a picture of a 30 day squatting challenge. Well, challenge fucking accepted. "Mom Ass" terrifies me, and I do not want to lose the gracious "gap" that I was blessed with. However, walking this Summer will save that- since it is more about my thighs getting fat and crowding out that coveted little space. It also seems that I have been building up some "saddle bags". Awesome. This was the first time I have ever taken a selfie of my own ass, and it was fucking terrifying. Now, after the squatty challenge, I am not hoping to see a miracle, just a little more pop. It seems strange to me having my thighs wider than my ass. And also having them struggling to kiss each other beneath my ass cheeks is ridiculous. I feel like I want to go Nip/Tuck all over it with a black sharpie. Je-sus. I want a more defined under ass crease and more lift. So, here it is...
I am not a fan of the way my ass has become one with the rest of legs...not a fan at all.

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